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William Dahlberg

Narrative Designer

My name is William Dahlberg. I'm a narrative and world designer studying at Future Games in Stockholm.

My introduction to games was when my dad and sister destroyed me in Crash Team Racing on the Playstation 1.

Although competitive games lie close to my heart, it's the story-driven games that get my creativity ticking. Some of my favorite games are The Wolf Among Us, Oxenfree, and The Last of Us. Darker narratives that explore emotions are my absolute favorite to both work on and consume.

As for outside of games? Well, music has always been a large part of my life! Some of the best moments for me were the opportunity to work as a music teacher and winning the title of Swedish masters in street music together with a group of wonderful people in 2019.

One last thing about me. I love watching tv-shows! From all different genres, but most of all the cringe teenage dramas. 

Well, that's me! Thank you for taking the time to look through my portfolio!